Secure & scalable apps for enterprise & government

Looking for a solution to bridge the gap between your organisation and the mobile-first world?

We craft powerful iOS and Android apps that allow you to personalise your customer experience and boost organisational efficiency – from the inside out.

Benefits to you

Elevate customer

Open the door to a personalised experience for your customers with an app that allows them to easily interact with your products, services, and support – all through a user-friendly and intuitive interface

Boost efficiency from
the inside out

Streamline internal operations with custom apps that are specially designed to meet the needs specific to your team and their roles and responsibilities.

Gain a competitive advantage

A well-designed and functional mobile app could be your secret to success in differentiating your company in a competitive market.

Mobile fleet, security & deployment expertise

Our unique offering includes core capabilities in managing mobile fleets, mobile app deployments, support and security.

Security that enterprise
and government clients demand

Bespoke pricing & service

Each mobile application is carefully scoped and priced, and individually tailored to your requirements.

The 6-step TeleResult TEM process

Initial discovery session

We assess and discuss your requirements and functionality needs.

Sprint-based development

Our team iteratively builds, tests, and refines your app in fixed-length sprints, regularly updating you to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

Quality assurance and testing

We ensure the app meets all specified requirements and functions flawlessly across your different devices and operating systems.

Review and change requests

We meet with you to evaluate the app’s progress, discuss feedback, and address any requested changes.

Deployment and app store submission

We prep the app for public release, optimising its performance, ensuring compliance with app store guidelines, and submitting it to platforms including Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Post-launch support and maintenance

This phase includes monitoring app performance, fixing any emerging issues, and possibly adding new features to keep the app relevant and improve user engagement.


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